Photos From Past Workshops

  • Toad Shade Trillium
  • Blood Root
  • Spring Hepatica

Spring Wildflowers

Day 1 - March 9th, 2019, Chalet Nivale Nature Preserve, Adams County, Ohio

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Day 2 - March 16th, 2019, Whipple State Nature Preserve, Adams County, Ohio

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Day 3 - March 23th, 2018, Ohio River Bluffs, Adams County, Ohio

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Day 4 - March 30st, 2018, Gladis Riely Preserve, Scioto County, Ohio

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Day 5 - May 4th, 2018, Pride of Ohio Prairie, Adams County, Ohio

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Instructor - Tom Croce Join us me in beautiful South Central Ohio as winter gives way to a beautiful display of spring ephemerals. For those that are interested in car pooling will will meet in the morning at the ProCam Store in Batavia. From there we will proceed to the specific sites, shoot for approx. 4 hours,

Day 1 we will photograph Snow Trillium, the smallest of Ohio's eight trillium species, and the earliest to bloom. Its specific epithet - nivale - means "snowy", and it isn't uncommon to see a patch that gets carpeted with a late snow.

Day 2 We will photograph Trout Lilly, Blood Root, and other early wilflowers that begin to appear.

Day 3 We will photograph along the south facing slopes of the Ohio River, where the forest floor is carpeted with Virginia Bluebells, Dwarf Larkspur, and Blue Eyed Mary's.

Day 4 We will be photographing  the rare Golden Star Lilly.

Day 5 we will be photographing Shooting Stars, Pink and Yellow Lady SlippersEach day has an emphasis on a specific species, but we can expect to find several other species, including White Trillium, Toad Shade Trillium, Dutchmen's Breeches, just to name a few.The number of participants for each workshop is limited to 12.W

We will meet at the Procam Store in Batavia at 7:00 am where we can carpool to our shooting location where we will spend approx 4 - 5 hours shooting then return to Procam for some image processing and critique.

Participants should have a strong understanding of exposure and know how to operate your camera.These workshops will require a moderate amount of hiking participants should be comfortable with their ability to negotiate a hike of up to a two miles over rough, uneven and at time steep terrain.

The fee for each day of this workshop is $50.00, or register for all five for $200.00

The fee is for instruction only, All other expenses, including travel, accommodations and meals are the responsibility of the participants. Registration is required to reserve your spot. Additional information on the location, preparing for the weather, required hiking equipment, and suggested camera gear will be e-mailed to all registered participants in January.